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I’m always a little late to the dance. I’m the one looking for winter clothes when the stores are putting out summer clothes, so I’m late in jumping on the bible journaling bandwagon. I immediately loved the idea of combining my faith with my love of art. I must say that I was initially a little timid about adding art in my bible. I’ve only completed a few pages and hoping that it will eventually be a little easier.

I love the bible that I purchased, but was a bit surprised when I received it in the mail. I purchased the bible from Christianbook.com.  They have such a great selection at very good prices. This is the bible I purchased.  This is a soft cover (imitation leather) ESV Crossway journaling bible.  It’s beautiful. I have wanted a soft cover bible for some time.


But, I fell in love with the cover and neglected to notice that the font size is only 7.5.  Now that’s great for all of you young ladies out there, but it’s a bit small for my old eyes.  It is a single column and each page has a lined column along the outside that measures just a tad over 1-3/4″……plenty of room for journaling.  The lines are fairly faint, so they don’t really detract from the art.

ESV Crossway Journaling Bible

The pages are a beautiful soft cream color, also not what I was expecting.

I have not invested money in any particular art supplies to use for journaling, because I already have so many art supplies.  So far, I’ve only used my Micron pens, watercolors and Prismscolor pencils.   Here is a quick page that I completed.  I used clear gesso on this page prior to using adding the art, but won’t use it again. I don’t like the  gritty texture that gesso gives the paper and I didn’t like how it wrinkled the page.

Bible Journaling


Hoping to have a bible journaling post every week, so we’ll see if I get a bit more courageous with my paint!

Have a good one, everybody!


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