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Adding a bit of candle decor in your home is easy and economical.  If you haven’t seen my video for creating fabulous fabric covered candles, you can see it Here. This is just another variation of that method. 

Instead of cutting out enough fabric to cover the entire candle, you will “fussy cut” your fabric to include just the portions of the fabric that you want for your candle. On the candles shown below, I cut out the specific flowers and leaves that I wanted for my candle. Once you have all of your elements cut, brush Mod Podge on your candle and place your flowers (or whatever element of fabric that you want to use). Let it dry and then continue to brush the entire candle (excluding the top and bottom) with more Mod Podge. I will sometimes add another 2 or 3 layers of Mod Podge until the candle feels and looks smooth. I like to use the matt Mod Podge on my candles, but any one of them will work. It just depends on the look that you’re going after. For my candles, I used a small scrap of fabric that I had left over from a sewing project.

Fabric Covered Candle Decor

This method is perfect for fabric scraps that may be too small to wrap the entire candle.  If you aren’t familiar with the term fussy cut, is just means that you cut out specific elements in your fabric that you want to place on the candle. While it’s a bit tedious to fussy cut, you will love the end result.  You can make holiday candles such as using Santa or Christmas tree fabric on a green or red Christmas candle or patriotic 4th of July fabric on a white candle…..the ideas are endless. I love roses, so I’ve used my favorite rose fabrics for my candles.

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