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Creating Stencils for mixed media art, abstract paintings, scrapbooks and journaling is as easy as pulling out your glue gun!  I know a lot of my fellow artists and crafters spend money for stencils.  There are so many beautiful stencils on the market and I even own a few, but making your own stencils is not only cost effective, but fun.  What I like about making my own stencils is that each and every one is unique.

Take a peek at my video to see how I’ve made stencils for my latest abstract painting.



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One thought on “Creating Stencils for Mixed Media Art

  1. I throughly enjoyed learning how to make stencils from Hot Glue. You sparked my imagination. By the way I love your painting and can’t wait to see it when you hang it over the bed.

    Posted on June 11, 2016 at 8:31 am