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Let’s face it……it’s almost August. As of today, we’re only 147 days away from Christmas! (And, only 42 days until NFL football……yea!!) Anyway…..if you’re like me, you like to make your Christmas gifts. You might like to create your own gift tags or greeting cards for those special people in your life. Maybe you want to start a scrapbook for your daughter or son. Well, here’s an idea for you. Create your own watercolor backgrounds on watercolor paper and embellish them to create fun and personal gifts.

In Part 1 of my YouTube Tutorial, I show you how to create beautiful (and fun) watercolor backgrounds for these projects…….quick and easy! If you’re thinking that you can’t do this because you’re not an “artist”, you’re wrong. You do NOT have to be an “artist” to do this! So, pick up some inexpensive watercolor paints and paper and let’s paint!

Part 2 of this tutorial will be up on YouTube early next week, so be watching for it! I’ll take some of these backgrounds and turn them in to greeting cards, gift tags, bookmarks and more.

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